Contemplate your future projects in the most realistic way possible.


Sell real estate beautifully

If you are a large builder, your main goal is to sell real estate before construction is finished.

How is that possible at the excavation stage? You have a project for a residential complex, but the most important thing is missing – attractive content for customers. You have no pictures for the website, advertising brochures, or an object passport at this stage.

In this case, our photorealistic CGI allows you as a business or as an architect to present every aspect of your concepts, showing that the project has everything to attract the intended clientele and bring in the desired amount of income.

Reasonable priced & super-fast

Are you running late with this new promo campaign? You could still be on time with 3D Visualization. As a professional 3D Studio we have some scenes in store. Our CGI Lab collection includes some high-quality architectural products designed by professionals.

Increase your availability portfolio

To remain competitive, you need to have a catalog that features a large number of kitchen and bath products and interiors. With 3D rendering, you can create any number of exterior scenes that are furnished with an entire suite of your custom creations.

Make tiny details visible
With pieces that require some complex installation or hanging – a 3D rendering will show the tiniest details and any hardware or brackets that would be otherwise lost on a CAD.
Speed up the approval process
If we need to add anything to the design or change anything to the structure we can simply do it through 3D rendering. Also, if a change may affect the initial design, with the help of a 3D rendering the designer can suggest changes anytime and in the end, they can feel confident with the result.

Architecture portfolio samples

Visual communication is changing

Let's build world class experiences together.

CGI that offers a comprehensive overview

CGI that offers a comprehensive overview

What housing complex visualization has to do is quite simple: address the customer emotionally and thus trigger the decisive impulse to buy. Relevant information, e.g. on location, size, construction, and equipment is also a must.

It is therefore a matter of having all the important data visualized on the one hand and making the existing or planned building visually as attractive as possible on the other.  

Wide range of housing complex CGI

Wide range of housing complex CGI

There is a wide range of CGI that our company can deliver when it comes to housing complexes. According to your wishes, there are many different housing complexes that you can have visualized.

You don’t have to settle for a standard model – when working with us it is possible to get a 3D render of any housing complex, according to your special project. 

Endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

Create a million variations of the same housing complex, change, reuse, and criss cross elements and features as you want. Here is the reality that some days ago was just imagination – the heart of a big city or a forest, sunlight or moonlight, winter or summer, day or night, light or dark.

In other words – limitless. 

Is 3D visualization what you need?

What for?
Today’s modern marketing managers who are responsible for ROI widely use 3D visualizations in product-heavy international companies. ROI is what big brands & international companies focus on. It’s something that matters.
The use and implementation of 3D rendering, video productions, and interactive solutions require digital transformation. Our team will be your reliable partner through this journey.
E-commerce shops, social media, websites, and printed marketing materials – are some of the ways our customers use their 3D visualization. Improve the time-to-market by implementing it now.


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