Visually appealing 3D renderings for your retail design.

Get the whole image of the final result

3D visualization for retail design is one of the best solutions to provide stakeholders and investors with a clear picture of the final result. As a professional architectural rendering company, we can create materials showing the future store in photoreal quality. CGI enables the entire team to see the relative position of rooms, furniture placement, smart storage solutions, and all the other elements of a retail store.

Reasonable priced & super-fast

Are you running late with this new promo campaign? You could still be on time with 3D Visualization. As a professional 3D Studio we have some scenes in store. Our cgilab.collection includes some high-quality items designed by professionals.

Increase your availability portfolio

With 3D custom furniture rendering, you can create any number of interior scenes that are furnished with an entire suite of your custom furniture creations.

Make tiny details visible

With pieces that require some complex installation or hanging- a 3D rendering will show the tiniest details and any hardware or brackets that would be lost on a CAD.

Speed up the approval process

If we need to add anything to the design or change anything to the structure we can simply do it through 3D rendering. Also, if a change may affect the initial design, with the help of a 3D rendering the designer can approve or disapprove it.

Retail Industry portfolio samples

Visual communication is changing

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Detailed rendering has significant influence

Detailed rendering has significant influence

Rendering of retail space can show shelving to the benefit of any customer. Shelving and displays should be clutter-free, so that customers can easily locate items the way they want.

The details of furniture in retail areas, such as cash counters, shelves, storage spaces, display counters and their positioning are key factors that influence sales.

Market the image of your store

Market the image of your store

Predict the store experience of your customer through some of the precise features of retail spaces that renders can portray. A well-designed store entrance creates expectations and offers options.

Renders can show lighting, signage and displays. Convey your image as a retailer through the kind of flooring and shelving you use.

Endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

Create a million variations of the same retail design, change, reuse and criss-cross elements and features as you want.

Here is the reality that some days ago was just imagination – the heart of a big city or a small town, brick walls or glass panels, winter or summer, day or night, light or dark.

In other words - limitless.

Is 3D visualization what you need?


Today’s modern marketing managers who are responsible for ROI widely use 3D visualizations in product-heavy international companies. ROI is what big brands & international companies focus on. It’s something that matters. 

Big brands focus on ROI. It’s as simple as that.  


The use and implementation of 3D rendering, video productions, and interactive solutions require digital transformation. Our team will be your reliable partner through this journey.

Not to worry. We will help you. 


E-commerce shops, social media, websites, and printed marketing materials – are some of the ways our customers use their 3D visualization. Improve the time-to-market by implementing it now.

Start implementing today and improve the time-to-market. 


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