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Augmented Reality - your new asset in online advertising

In the marketing sector, it has been proven a few years ago that augmented reality components if used correctly, represent added value for the customer.

A new approach is urgently needed in this area because it is becoming more and more difficult to successfully establish contact with potential customers or to maintain customer relationships. It is therefore much more important for you to offer innovative and unusual advertising formats. And this is where augmented reality comes into play.

The new formats and ideas attract customers’ attention and at the same time offer real added value, regardless of the industry sector your company operates. 

How does Augmented Reality influence your customer?

Augmented Reality combines the real world with digital components. This leads to a special fascination.

Fascinating marketing solutions will attract attention and be remembered. But in addition to the attention that you get through the innovative character of augmented reality, it also opens up completely new ways of direct customer contact. 

As a brand or company, you have the option of projecting information in real-time into the everyday life of your customers. This is a great opportunity to come into even more direct and personal contact with the target group in the future.

And customers would love to have this intervention in their everyday life because they can only benefit from it. 

The virtual try-on is changing

The “virtual try-on” is almost one of the classics among augmented reality online applications in e-commerce. Users can use cameras to check how selected products would look directly on their bodies.

With small accessories or beauty products, virtual reality works very well. If you manufacture glasses, watches, or other accessories or operate a business in the beauty industry, this is one of the best solutions for you. When the client is browsing through your online eyewear shop, he would enjoy the option of “fitting in 3D”. The buyer only has to allow access to the webcam.

The application then places glasses or sunglasses directly in front of the digital representation of his face. 

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AR - a sensible solution in the area of furnishing

Augmented Reality is already being used sensibly in the area of living and furnishing. For instance, IKEA started experimenting with AR technology back in 2013.

The basic idea is that users project the pieces of furniture true to scale from your catalog into their living room and see whether the armchair or side table in the room also looks as desired.

AR helps visualize ideas and makes the planned room concept tangible. 

Forecasts: AR is not a temporary trend

Many voices from the digital industry refer to augmented reality as the marketing trend for the next few years, especially due to the wide range of possible uses in specialized fields and niche markets.

So there is no reason to doubt the usefulness of implementing AR in your company. 

This technology can be implemented in many areas of life. Now that the entertainment industry has paved the way with apps such as Pokémon, there will be more economic benefits to be gained from AR in the future.

Augmented Reality will be integrated even more strongly into existing systems, thus creating a lot of new opportunities. 

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