The benefits of virtual aerial tour for architectural visualization

The development of digital technology has been making property visualization look more and more alive. From 3D images, the rendering has now presented the property through an animated video. This new method is popular by the name of Virtual Tour.

Instead of a walkthrough tour on a human’s eye level, the newest trend is to see it from up above in a bird’s eye level. The rendering usually takes on the 45° to 60° of an angle from the height. It is the most convenient perspective to get a better look at the property in a three-dimensional way.

Virtual Aerial Tour becomes a new choice to use as marketing CGI due to its promising benefits that are far better than the regular visualization, such as:

Easily catch attention

Get your aerial virtual tour embed on the main page of your company’s website or post it on social media. Use a large screen in your marketing gallery to run the video continuously. It can be a very effective tool to get people’s attention. The latest technology is beneficial to impress people. A virtual aerial tour can attract more people to visit your website. Even people who are not considering buying a property will stay for a while to take a look.

Building brand recognition would be more lenient with so many people looking out the property you offer. Combined with a terrific architectural design and smooth rendering presentation, your 3D animation will deliver the best results for your company’s business.

Getting ahead of competition

Standing out of your competitors gets harder because every company uses digital rendering for its architectural visualization. You can hire a better 3D artist to get more excellent quality. But, it won’t give you a better boost than a virtual aerial tour.

This animated technique is still rather new. Only a few companies have started using it. Some even are still in basic qualities. Presenting your property in a high-quality bird’s eye view animation would be impressive. The public will see your property as better products than any other ones in the market.

Better sense of professionalism

When you constantly use aerial tours for all the property your company develops, eventually it will get a great reputation. People will remember your company as the one who goes all out to deliver the best.

Not only prospective buyers, but this kind of presentation would also impress investors. Aerial tours require higher investment. As you are willing to take it, investors will see your company as bold and brave in going all out to aim higher than others. It is such a promising trait that could bring success in running a business. With more trust from investors, it would be much easier for your company to grow. There would also be more accessible to other resources and opportunities.

Memorable experience

3D rendering visualization gives people experience with the property before they decide to own it, and even before the construction started yet. And an aerial tour can take the activity on a whole new different level. A bird’s eye view is not the angle that people commonly see. Having a thorough tour of this perspective would give a new kind of experience.

Visualization can affect people psychologically. If it is impressive, people will feel engaged with the property. Thus, they will more likely want to own one. With the unique aerial tour, they would feel something they never did before. The memorable experience would not easily allow them to move on. Such kind of animated presentation can be effectively convincing.

More brilliance to show off

When designing a property, architects always execute every detail carefully. Yet unfortunately, there are many parts of the buildings that are not commonly visible. An aerial view offers a clever solution to such a problem. With its different perspective, the digital tour will show some sides and corners of the property that people don’t usually see.

It is a golden opportunity to show more architectural brilliance in the property design. With more wonderful things to highlight, the property will amaze people more deeply. It gives out ideas they have never considered before.

A better look of situation

How the property blends in with the environment can be an important factor for people to consider. No other forms of property visualization can show this matter better than a virtual aerial tour does. As you are seeing it up from above, you can see the whole building and the surrounding area at one clear look.

This benefit allows people a clearer way to imagine how it would feel to live or have activìties in the property. Architects and property developers can also review the design more clearly. Many vital aspects of the property should be in sync with the environment, such as circulation, the positions of windows and glass walls, and the aesthetic value itself.

More opportunity for interaction

Make the virtual tour on your website clickable. Allow people to fly through in the direction and angle as they wish by navigating it using their mouses. You can also get the digital file applied to be a virtual reality tour to make the experience more realistic for your customers. There are also many other ways to transform your 3D rendering file into an interactive digital presentation to feature on your company’s website.

Interaction gives a deeper impression for people, which makes the experience even more imposing for them. This feature will enhance all the benefits mentioned above, which of course, may result in even more satisfying returns of the investment. However, such a digital project may cost fairly higher.

A virtual aerial tour is more convincing than any other means of architectural presentation. With a clever investment strategy, your company would efficiently generate more sales and achieve higher in the business. The next thing you should know is how to make a good investment in this kind of 3D rendering and how to utilize the tour video well, so your company can optimize the benefits from this visualization project.