Showcase your products in the most stylish and suitable environment.


Emphasize your project's features with CGI

What does 3D product rendering do if it doesn’t save your precious time?

Traditionally a manufacturer order prototypes to see how an object with different colors, materials, and textures would work while working on a project and trying out many design options.

With photorealistic 3D product renderings, you can first create the most suitable design that can be then tested and approved before spending money on a final prototype. This novel opportunity accelerates production and allows your brand to start selling earlier than its competitors.

Attention to details, for all areas involved.

To help you reach your company’s goal, we are offering the most meticulous rendering for any type of CGI, including exterior visualization for your project. With our skilled and professional team, we guarantee your satisfaction. Our exterior design portfolio includes marketing visuals of both residential and commercial buildings.
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Goods in a complimenting environment

A 3D lifestyle showcases the product in a certain environment. These could be home and public interiors or outdoor spaces, depending on the type of product you offer. For example, to show that the object is versatile, our CG artists can create several interiors to display it in different scenarios. This approach works perfectly for minimalistic furniture, such as a table that can be effectively used as a dining table or a home office desk.

Our interior design rendering portfolio ranges from residential or commercial room sets to ready scenes that showcase a product in a virtually decorated room environment. 

Lifestyle CGI - customizable by style and color

Some may be concerned that ready-to-use 3D scenes prevent roomsets from looking authentic. Therefore, product lifestyle features in terms of customization are very important. This makes it possible to get awe-inspiring lifestyle renderings tailored to a specific audience’s taste.

Through customizing, the customers’ emotions can be triggered differently, depending on your goal – from calmness, serenity, and warmth, to energy, joy, or boldness.

Each room set can be easily changed by style and color. Even when using ready-made 3D scenes, they can be adjusted specifically for a certain product.

For example, 3D artists can mute the room’s color palette to make the main object or part of furniture stand out more and change the textures of the items in the 3D room. They can also show the same item in different interior styles to showcase how universal it is.

Versatility and multipurpose

In terms of usage, the product lifestyle tends to be very multipurpose. A 3D room set is a universal type of imagery — first, it works for print and online catalogs. 

It is also suitable for outdoor advertising and print collateral materials like brochures, banners, business cards, etc. Moreover, lifestyles make great content for social networks with a strong visual aspect, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Additionally, 3D rendering is a flexible and reusable option that could be easily tailored for motion solutions. Modern e-commerce vastly grows and uses new sales tools like shopping VR, AR apps, and 3D configurators.

These new solutions require many highly photorealistic product lifestyles made in different colors and design options so buyers can customize their purchases.

Check some of our lifestyle renderings

To help you reach your company’s goal, we are offering the most meticulous rendering for any type of CGI, including interior visualization for your project.