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3D Model Creation

3D model creation is a CG service widely used in architecture, interior and product design, as well as the automotive and gaming industries.

Manufacturers can benefit from plenty of opportunities for their business by collaborating with a professional 3D modeling company. These companies deliver fast and convenient prototyping, quality motion solutions, as well as excellent 3D renderings for a wide range of purposes — catalogues, listings, online and offline ads, social media and so on.

Without stunning renderings and top-quality 3D models a great marketing campaign is unlikely to take place.

What is high poly modeling?

The terms of low poly and high poly are used to convey the amount of polygons contained in a model. The high poly mesh contains a high polygon rate. This is used to add details during modeling, such as the pores of a strawberry. Thanks to advanced geometry, high-poly models can be very meticulously detailed with various ornaments, additional decor, intricate design elements and so on. With such complex objects, CG specialists always do retopology even for high-poly 3D models for static CGI.
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Steps in creating a high-end 3D model

When creating a 3D model, we make sure we start with a correct topology. In 3D modeling the last step is opening the UV Map, which transforms the 3D model information into 2D.
In 3D modeling, the term topology refers to a 3D model’s edge distribution and structure. Two models that look the same when rendered can have very different topologies.

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What is low poly modeling?

The terms of low poly and high poly are used to convey the amount of polygons contained in a model. Low poly models are simpler in geometry and have fewer polygons in them. They can’t be hyper-detailed, otherwise, their size will be too large and the engine won’t be able to render them in real time. If your furniture has lots of details and fittings but you need it for a 360° view or a 3D configurator, CG artists have to additionally retopologize a 3D model.
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In 3D modeling, retopology, as its name implies, is the process of redrawing the topology of an object. Through retopology a high poly model becomes a low poly one as the polygon count of the model is decreased.
The retopology method is based on reducing the polygon count but keeping the quality of 3D models, creating a low poly mesh on top of complex high polygon objects.

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