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About the State of the Project

Isn’t it exciting and, sometimes, nerve-wracking to wait and imagine the answer of your client manager when you ask them the status of your project? We understand our client’s feelings, we know how deadlines feel too.

This is why we decided we will try and accommodate this need of knowing whenever your heart wants to know. We made it real for our clients to check the status of their projects, by themselves, whenever, wherever! This integration with our website will allow you to check the status of your project just one click away in a timely and efficient way. Try it out now for yourself! 

How can I check the status of my project?

To check the status of your project, all you have to do is introduce the Project ID (Project number) in the dedicated field and click on “Check Status”. Scroll down and you will find the place where the magic happens! 

Check your project status

If you already started working with us and you have an assigned project number please enter the project number and click the button to check the status.

Project number

Ooops, we could not find your project

We could not find any project with that number. Please check the project number and try again.

What is a status of a project?

A status of a project is in short, the statement which tells a person about the progress that has been made on a project by the professionals that are working on it. The status changes depending on the phase of the project that it is currently in. 

Why is this necessary?

We believe setting up goals and embarking on the process of reaching them is not enough. Continuous observation and tracking of the progress parallel to the allocated timeframe for the project- is also important.

This is why we are happy that we can now provide an autonomous way for our clients to track the progress of their projects. This doesn’t mean that our clients cannot contact anymore our client managers to enquire about the progress of their projects. It’s just called offering more options to our clients.