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CGI Lab delivers a wide range of professional & high quality 3D architectural visualizations, product digitalization, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation services to your company.

Product Digitalization

Go digital with what your company is selling. Get the creation of images that represent your product in a number of different ways.

Augmented Reality

Place your digital content on real scenes from your everyday life.

Architectural visualization

Create digital models of structures, buildings, and spaces using complex modeling methods and powerful rendering techniques.

3D Animation

Bring your product or service to life by using motion, look at them from different angles, and the image still remains in three-dimensional space.

Virtual Reality

Let your customers touch, modify and try your products before buying them. Simulate and get every characteristic of a part, process or mechanism tested.

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Computer Generated Imagery services allow you to present products or what you offer in ways that are not possible through traditional photography.

If the product or service you need is impossible to photograph or you need to have its visual form before you have seen it, our specialists can create the images, animations, VR tours and many more CGI products in order to connect to your clients.

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How do we approach the delivery of our services?

Our company approaches each project methodologically with professionalism and grace. If you want to prevent mistakes, low-quality art, and bad animation, our services are what you are looking for.

What matters the most when it comes to services?

Our first main goal is to avoid miscommunication. We aim to be clear about the scope of the project and ask you a lot of questions about the finer details.

What is the array of skills these services demand?

The services we offer demand a diverse array of skills: animation, coloring, optimization, and much more. Someone really capable of modelling will probably not be equally talented in creating animations.

What is the main advantage of our services ?

No matter which service you will choose, you will for sure eliminate the language barrier, as there are no clear instructions needed to understand the project. Each service can easily make the other person understand your planning.

Industry specific examples

We've brought together all our best images, films, and product configuration examples from different industries to our portfolio pages.
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Many services - one purpose

Over the years, people have realized that they need more than just static images of interiors and exteriors and that there are also other options for presenting the project to the client.

The above presented types of architectural visualization services all share a common purpose – to convey the inspiration of designers and increase the chance of winning favor with clients.

Our company is devoted to delivering professional and high-standard 3D architectural visualization services.


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