10 tricks for more effective product visualization

Product visualization is essential in the business of product development and marketing. Thanks to digital technology, product visualization is now much easier to accomplish and higher quality than it was in the past. CGI visualization is now an essential step for any product.

Nowadays, it seems like every company uses product visualization. With such popularity, it is more difficult for your products to stand out in the market. Companies require hyper-realistic product visualization with beautiful aesthetics to increase its effectiveness. Here are some tricks worth trying to reach such goals:

1. Find the right angle

Sometimes, you get a chance to show only one image to draw people’s interest in your product. Hence, you need to find the best angle to display your product. It can be the angle where all the features are visible or one where you can highlight the best features of your product. It is important to show a product’s best angles on advertising material because it is this media that will catch people’s attention first.

2. Manipulate lighting

One of the best things about CGI is that you can customize the lighting in the rendering. Photography can do this too, but it is difficult and limited. Many people do not realize it, but a clever job manipulating the lighting of a rendering can make a product look a lot more attractive. On the contrary, a poorly shaded rendering will make your product look dull. When looking for a 3D artist to provide product visualization services, observe how they arrange the spotlights and shadows in the product model.

3. Fine tune the texture

Texture is the most crucial element to make a product CGI look realistic. If possible, ask your 3D artist to avoid using common texture templates. Instead, each surface should be edited manually to mimic the feel of the actual material. This trick is especially important for tactile products like furniture or wearable goods, where the materials define the comfort and quality of the products.

4. Visualize the inner parts

If your products have layers inside that determine the quality of the product itself, you should show them off. You can make a section from a 3D model of your products and show all the layers from the side. Another trick to visualizing a product’s inner layers is by breaking it apart layer-by-layer for a clearer view of their order.

Products with mechanical or electrical engineering also look great with this kind of visualization. Such visualization helps people to realize that inner quality is far more important than the beauty of the external casing.

5. Design engineering simulation

To take a product visualization to the next level, one can make an animated visualization instead of just still images to showcase the inner parts of products. The animation can show how the parts are being arranged, or how the system runs when the product is operating. Both animations convince people that the product has clever engineering to deliver the best performance.

6. Eye-catching videos for social media

Brand recognition and public engagement are important for business. Thus, in modern times, a company or product’s social media presence is important to its success. An enjoyable video posted on your company’s social media accounts can be an effective tool to reach people. The animation could be funny, relatable, or interesting in a way that promotes your product or brand identity.

7. Bring it to augmented reality

Develop an app and allow your 3D visualization to come to life so that people can experience products through the screen of their smart device. Imagine people scanning a furniture catalog and instantly testing the suitability of different tables in the middle of their house simply through Augmented Reality. AR helps consumers get a true sense of your products and decide which one is most suitable for them.

8. Photomontage

Another way to make your product look realistic is by making a photomontage with it. Photomontage is a practice which places a product visualization rendering within a real photograph. The combination shows how the product blends into a real environment. Products that could be effective in a photomontage are furniture, vehicles, wall decor, and many more.

9. 360 View

Do not waste the 3D modeling that your visualization artist has created. Instead, make a 360 view on your website where people can tilt and rotate the model any way they like. Zoom features can be added to enhance the experience. Interactive features like this on your website can increase engagement, leading to sales generation.

10. Interactive customization

It’s beneficial to include a feature on your website where customers are free to customize your products any way they like. Customization option may include choice of color, design patterns, material and more. Interactive customization is an especially effective marketing tool for customizable goods like merchandise and fashion apparel. If possible, combine the feature with a 360 view to enhance the experience. Your products and brand will appear more attractive and credible to consumers.

When executed nicely, product visualization can bring huge benefits to your business. The more effort and creativity you put in it, the better benefits your company may receive. Therefore, it is important to hire the best 3D visualization company to create a CGI visualization of your products.

With our many years of dedication and experience in the product visualization field, we are confident that we can deliver you the visualization that makes your product stand out from its competitors. We can even make suggestions on what kind of visualizations to offer which will suit your business goal the most.