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Virtual Reality solutions

Experience Virtual Reality as never before

Combining reality and fantasy or immersing ourselves into the virtual world seemed impossible until recently, but today Virtual Reality is rather close to us in our daily lives. In one way or another, you must have encountered VR, perhaps without even realizing it.

Our 3D specialists create a VR Tour using specially designed software. First we develop 3D visualizations and then stitch individual renders together to create a 360° virtual walkthrough that can be viewed on browsers, mobile and in VR.

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Why do you need VR?

It is particularly useful for those projects that are still in the development stage. Regardless of the project location or its stage of completion, a client has an opportunity not only to see how the project will look like, but also is able to walk around and feel the space.

In which terms is VR useful?

360 Virtual Reality Tours give a general understanding of how any building will look like. In terms of perspective you can see a building and its surrounding space from any angle browsing through the virtual reality environment.

What can you expect?

Have VR tours embedded into any section of a website or open it in a new tab. Interact with the virtual space without any need for a special device. Virtual property tours could run on any mobile or desktop.

Where to begin with VR?
  • Evaluate your needs and readiness before you help your business adopt VR.
  • Engage the right independent company as it is crucial to your efforts to develop good digital content that will help you grow your business.

Create a strong sense of space through 360 Panorama

A 360 3D panorama allows the clients not only to see the property in technical sketches, but to get a realistic feel of what it will look like in reality.

With our help and advice you have the opportunity to present your property using 3D 360 panoramas for real estate objects in photo realistic quality and receive a useful product.

Try to avoid time consuming and unsuccessful methods. Save time and money and give your customers the feeling that they are able to quickly respond to all the requests of their customers in a very individual way. If the property already exists, a 360-degree panorama of the building is a much cheaper alternative to full 3D rendering.

Real estate panoramas in 3D 360 format can be created inexpensively and are an excellent presentation tool for potential buyers, tenants and investors.

Virtual Reality Tours for off-plan property sales

Virtual reality for real estate marketing is really common, especially for 3D professionals. However, it hasn’t become less amazing how unusually it is possible to create VR with the aid of computer technology.

This happens because we are still amazed at how accurate and detailed computer graphics can be, because most of the time visual effects are difficult to distinguish from photographs as they are incredibly realistic.

3D architectural visualization is being perceived in real estate will be changed for sure by virtual reality technology.

Industry specific examples

We've brought together all our best images, films, and product configuration examples from different industries to our portfolio pages.
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