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Experience the digital content and virtual enhancements integrated onto our view of the real world.
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Virtual Reality solutions

AR - the handy tool even for starters

Augmented Reality makes it possible to insert digital elements into the real world – directly on a screen or in glasses. So it appears easily in front of the beholder’s eyes. The virtual information and the real environment get overlapped. 

For example, a warehouse worker can visualize on which shelf the replacement part he is looking for can be found. Augmented reality in the classic sense does not require complicated technology, just a screen.

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Your challenges:
  • Having products on your website that don’t exist yet, but there is a need to visualize them;
  • Not having a final vision upon your product;
  • The constant need to make changes;
  • Launching new lines and products without the need for expensive photo shoots;
  • Testing new markets;
  • Consistent visual aesthetics on your website. 
What you can expect:
  • Minimised expenses;
  • Less time spent on having the visual product ready;
  • High possibilities of controlling the virtual appearance of your product;
  • Prototype imagery ready to be launched weeks or months before the real product becomes available. 

Augmented Reality boosts the value of product presentation

There is no doubt that AR increases the value of product presentation, as the customer is not in the situation to think and analyze if the given product will suit its destined environment and surroundings. AR extends the customer experience to levels yet unseen by giving the opportunity to browse around in your entire product range and place each product in their surroundings.

What AR has to offer leads undoubtedly to a satisfied customer, who feels instantly assured when making the purchase.

Furthermore, you will be way ahead of your competitors by offering Augmented Reality product presentations to your customers. 

Experience AR models

Imagine creating something that looks so good you think it is real. Our 3D services are impeccable at making you believe that what you see is real. We work with big objects, we work with small objects. There is no limit. 





How does Augmented Reality help you?

The primary goal of augmented reality is to present additional information. The user still perceives his real environment, but receives additional mostly visual or auditory content.

Central characteristic of augmented reality is interactivity in real time. All extensions are broadcast live to the environment and the user usually has the option of accessing the content via touchscreen or with certain gestures.

In figurative terms, augmented reality is a whole new dimension to product presentation as we know it, by allowing your customer to ‘try on’ the product in the familiar surroundings in which the products are intended to be used. The potential uses of augmented reality are very diverse; both the private sector and industry can benefit from digital technology.

Portfolio Examples

Augmented reality is a futuristic tool that can make your brand much more appealing and trustworthy, just through visualization.

Industry specific examples

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