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Product rendering - a must for your branding

More and more brands are using 3D product visualizations for a more complete visual representation. Product rendering also gives companies the added benefit of launching their promotional campaigns before they create the actual prototype. Due to 3D rendering, products can be shown in a full range of available options for online customers. They can change the color and design until they find the best version for themselves.
With 3D product rendering, it became easier to predict the customers’ moods and tastes. Marketers can conduct consumer testing to find out which model is more popular and most warmly welcomed by their target audience when having impressive visuals of their future products. By placing the rendered product into a tailored environment, which reflects the brand, the customer loyalty and brand recognition increases.

Enjoy smooth client presentations with 3D product rendering

Collaborating with other brands or making custom products challenges the Manufacturer to follow the original brief and make top-notch client presentations of both transitional and final versions of the product.

Sketches or similar visuals can hardly impress the client, so photorealistic 3D visualization is the most effective way to do so.

Product 3D renders display all the details, materials and colors as realistic as possible.

Depending on the product and the concept, Manufacturers can showcase all color and design options and even make an animation that will show how the product works. Due to 3D technology, one can make changes to a 3D product render at any time.

Emphasize your products' features with CGI

What does 3D product rendering do if it doesn’t save your precious time? Traditionally a manufacturer orders prototypes to see how an object with different colors, materials, and textures would work, while working on a project and trying out many design options.

With photorealistic 3D product renderings, you can first create the most suitable design that can be then tested and approved before spending money on a final prototype.
This novel opportunity accelerates production and allows your brand to start selling earlier than its competitors.

Still, doubting whether an HQ rendering is a priority?

Quality always speaks for itself.  

A rendering that is intended to look realistic cannot look like it without putting the effort into it to be photo-realistic. Once the vision of the client is clear, the 3D modeling process begins. Choosing the right materials, and texture, controlling the fine details of the image, and adding lighting and shadows – are just a few modifications that the 3D artist includes to make the rendering of high quality. 

Sticking to professionally made renderings is what brings value to your project presentations, whether the images are in an online format or printed – your audience is going to love it.

We focus not only on creating renderings that seem to depict real-life textures of the objects but also on conveying the most pleasant sensations, feelings, and emotions through our 3D works.

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