CGI Interior Templates

Access interior templates created by CGI Lab and choose the ready-made 3D interior template that suits you best.

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Overview & benefits of choosing an interior template

We have uniquely designed and styled all of our locations in our interior templates. Now you have the chance to get the best of the best but at a fraction of the cost, delivered as a ready-made product that gets you started quickly, ensuring a short lead time on your marketing assets.

The greatest of all the advantages is that you never have to bear the costs and inconveniences of finding and using a photoshoot location again. 

Cost-effective service

You access our interior templates and what you get in return is access to a continuous flow of ready-made locations at a fraction of the price.

Provide consistency & uniformity

Once you have decided you want to do something and you begin testing your products and locations, you can either add to or make changes to your existing scenes.

Speed-up development time

You can go-to-market even before your new product is manufactured by avoiding traditional photoshoot locations that you style from scratch.

What does an interior template represent?

Our CGI interior templates are a collection of digital and virtual locations that you can choose between instead of having a setting prepared for your photoshoots. Just like a real location, each digital location consists of several rooms in 360 degrees.

There is no doubt that by using locations that are already made, you save time, money, and energy on your visuals because there’s no need to wait for us to create the locations. Thus, you can focus on what is most important: making your product come to life in a breathtaking setting. 

How does it work?

This service offers you access to the locations available on our website. This means that you can use any ready-made location anytime for any of your products. 

You get a much more convenient and faster solution by choosing this great asset, you also get the highest quality for your visual productions that will reduce your time to market significantly.

Faster product launch

Now you don’t have to worry about searching for a physical photoshoot location or spending a lot of time on coming up with the desired outline of a custom 3D location. Now all you need is a 3D model of your product to get started. The CGI interior templates are a major shortcut to getting your products to market faster and with less effort than before.

Affordable & unique locations
To custom-build, the location from scratch is far more expensive than using the CGI interior templates concept. This is a way that allows us to get started faster with your projects and invest more money and effort in our premium-quality locations. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution for you.
Viable photoshoot
The location you have once chosen and has become your favorite location can be used again and again without any worry. You can replace the products or style the location completely differently. This great recycling potential helps you save both time and money and more than that.
Be different
Your company’s vibe has to be present in each visual you have. This is why our experts are ready to customize your selected location, no matter if you sell exclusive products or mass-produced items. A product image shouldn’t just be a visual representation of your product.

Customizing locations

Other companies using the same locations as you shouldn’t concern you at all. All our customers’ assets are customized to match their brand and this is done upon request.