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Unbelievable texturing

Through texturing we aim to make your model look completely realistic by adding colors, designs and textures. Metaphorically speaking, we master the art of giving clothes to your 3D models. In this stage, we focus on UV mapping, and how to use textures in different applications.
It’s during this particular stage that 3D artists can make a scene realistic or vice versa. This is why our 3D artists usually rely on pictures or material photos. For us it is important to add details, because a too perfect scene loses its credibility. Thus, we always focus on shadows, table corners, seals, etc.

Steps in creating photo-realistic materials

Since we are interested in making photo-realistic renderings, we put a special attention into our materials. We create materials that actually match the physical properties of what we see in the real world.

The techniques used by our 3D Artists display the image in such a way, that it makes it look physically accurate. Besides choosing the right material, color and texture, a special attention is paid to lighting and how light is reflected on the textured object.

Still doubting whether good texturing is a priority?

We believe that more accuracy = more realism. Materials, lighting and shadows that adhere to the laws of physical world are crucial to the 3D modeling process.

A rendering that is intended to look realistic cannot look like it without putting the effort for it be photo-realistic. A detailed work over it is paid-off by your customer satisfaction for the end result.

A professionally-made texturing is what keeps the viewer going on with exploring your product, and wondering, if it is a real object or an image so realistic-looking – that keeps them stand in awe.

We focus not only on creating renderings which seem to depict real-life textures of the objects, but also on conveying the most pleasant sensations, feelings and emotions through our 3D works.

Industry specific examples

We've brought together all our best images, films, and product
configuration examples from different industries to our portfolio pages.