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Significant benefits of Product Configurator

Positive customer experience

Studies found that 57% of consumers will stop buying from a company altogether if a competitor provides a better experience. The fact is that a product configurator makes any customer experience better.

Higher conversion rates

Our research showed that customers experience an average 45% increase in conversion rates along with a 25% increase in average order value. 83% percent of buyers cite configurable product visuals as the most compelling reason for their purchases.

A good marketing aid

By presenting your products digitally, you get a dynamic and interactive catalog. You can start presenting and selling your products before they are produced.

Design it yourself

The product configurator allows your customers to interact with your catalogue and design their own product. The tool lets them combine your entire product range in a neat way and show every single existing version of your product.

Individualized products

Product attributes such as color, size, shape, equipment, or technical details can already be selected online and customers can thus configure an end product tailored to their needs. On top of it, implementation is really easy.

Higher visitor - and customer engagement

People are hardwired to connect with visuals, and our brains respond to visuals 60,000 faster than they do to text. In other words, in order to catch and keep a customer’s attention, a product configurator is the way to go.


Each part can be rendered by using the product configurator. It can be transformed into an in-store experience. By adding real-life material samples, we offer an immersive product presentation.

Fewer returns

Studies show that visual product configurators reduce returns by 50% which can have a powerful impact on your bottom line. When your product falls short of customer expectations, there’s a big price to be paid when it comes to future business.

Greatest of ease

The customer won’t experience slow-loading features, downloading programs or plug-ins that take an eternity to complete. There is responsive design for all screen sizes and devices.

See right now how this works

With visual product configuration you can render images not just of a fully assembled product, but each of its component parts. Then you can re-use those components, again and again, scaling your image library and displaying your highly customizable products in all their permutations.

If you sell or create configurable products (apparel, furniture, medical devices, manufacturing equipment) you surely benefit from visual product configuration.

If you’ve got a product with, say, ten different customizable parts, that could amount to hundreds (even thousands) of possible configurations.

Using a product configurator ensures that your customers won’t be forced to use their imaginations to their fullest extent and they will see what they’re getting – before they pay for it.

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