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Transform your business workflows and go digital.

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What is digital transformation?

The process of using technology to create new workflows in your business – both internally and externally is called digital transformation. A part of digital transformation is setting the goal of achieving the huge potential of digitalization. Digital transformation allows you to keep up with competitors, make processes more efficient, and achieve remarkable results. 

Benefits of digital transformation

High-speed accomplishment

By replacing traditional photography and videos with 3D images you have the chance to save valuable hours and reduce your TTM (time to market).

Visible ROI

To implement digital solutions is not costless, but once you've integrated the new digital workflows as a part of your everyday business-work life, it will bring visible long-term ROI.

Increased user engagement

The way to greater user engagement and greater user experiences that also match your customers' buying behavior is to make more and better digital content available for your users.

Significant re-usability

3D images allow us to customize and redesign them very differently. As technology gives you the opportunity to adjust and customize your pictures continuously, this results in more flexible workflows in your business.

Is digital transformation worth it?

“I’ve decided on the spot” is rarely how an average customer is buying a product. Before they turn into a paying customer, there are important considerations that need to be taken into account.

What is much more interesting, is that upwards of 85 percent of your average customer’s buying process takes place at home while they have either a smartphone or computer on hand.

Thus, there is a need to provide your customers with online tools. These tools will lead to well-informed decisions for your customers. Your static product images need to be turned into vibrant, visual content in lifelike settings. This will not only provide an experience much more connected to reality and less to fiction but would also leave a memorable and lasting impression.

Trends in digital transformation

Digital transformations are driven by growth opportunities, followed by increased competitive pressure and new regulatory standards. The pace is breathtaking: new digital technologies and products are coming onto the market and are changing our society in almost all areas.

Supporting sales talks in furniture or car dealerships, preparing employees to operate new machines, and calling up real-time data and information on individual components – companies can use virtual and augmented reality in a variety of ways. All these are part of today’s digital transformation.

Digital business transformation is for sure a profound change in the economy: companies that manufacture cars, for example, may no longer sell individual vehicles, but instead, offer them sharing models and targeted individual mobility solutions via smartphone apps.

Such upheavals change production processes and workflows throughout the company. Thus, as a company or as an employee you have to familiarize yourself with new areas of responsibility. The good thing is that you can react to these faster developments with clever innovation management.

Example of digital transformation

Digital transformation means pursuing cost-effective and future-proof digital work processes over traditional ones. This leads to digital innovation. As a result of your digital transformation strategy, you get an actual product. Below you can see some examples of such products. A 3D model of a product can be used in all shapes and forms and whichever desired setting and texture. In contrast to traditional photoshoots of different products, these models can always be reused.

How does digital transformation look in practice?

Implementing a digital transformation framework in your company can bring possibilities you have never heard of, regardless of what you sell: outdoor furniture or residential houses. You can now have the most beautiful forest surroundings or terraces for your housing illustrations. 


Marketing activities and the buying behaviour shall go together

Every potential customer’s buying journey involves important questions, doubts, and considerations that need to be answered before he takes the credit card and pushes the “buy” button. As a business person, you are completely aware of this fact. Thus, when it comes to what he expects from your online activity – there is no limit. The potential buyer explores and researches to find out more about your product.

Boost your customer satisfaction by up to 30 percent

According to McKinsey, digital transformation can increase your company’s customer satisfaction by 20-30 percent. So, positive bottom-line results are not the only thing to see if you reserve the top spot on your list of areas you need to prioritize in your business plan for digital transformation. 

Start your digital transformation

If you want to evolve with the rapid pace of digital change today, you must work to increase efficiency with technology wherever possible. For many, that means adopting agile principles across the business. As businesses create their digital transformation strategy, there is much to be learned from CEOs and IT leaders who have already begun their journeys, so never hesitate to do it.